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The US State Department just issued its 2017 report on International Religious Freedom in about 200 countries, including Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. This week, we will focus our attention on the section on Turkey.
It seems that not a week passes without coming across another mysterious writer who undertakes to contribute a puff piece about Azerbaijan and to undermine the reputation of Armenia and Armenians around the world.
A friend forwarded to me the copy of a lengthy email that was sent by Ibrahim Kurtulus, a Turkish-American from New York City, to hundreds of CNN employees harshly criticizing Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cuomo and others for acknowledging the Armenian Genocide. The subject of Kurtulus’s email is titled: “When CNN's Chris Cuomo and 'Especially' Anthony Bourdain Legitimize RACISM.”
Veteran Turkish journalist Sedat Ergin wrote in Hurriyet newspaper that “Turkey is the champion of rights violations at the European Court of Human Rights” (ECHR). The European Court rules on cases when signatories of the European Convention on Human Rights violate its provisions.